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In 1948, the 164th Fighter squadron of the Ohio Air National Guard was formed at Mansfield Lahm Airport (then named the Mansfield Municipal Airport), and has been an integral part of the airport since. During 1948 community leaders formed an advisory committee, chaired by Colonel Alan P. Tappan, owner of Tappan Stove. The Advisory Committee's goal was to locate an Air National Guard Base in Mansfield, OH. The committee received an ultimatum from the Air Force, "Provide the amount of men required to support a unit, and Mansfield will receive their unit." For three days in May 1948, Mansfield sponsored a major recruitment drive, and acquired the first 353 members of the unit. Heir of the 363rd Fighter Squadron which distinguished itself during World War II, the 164th Fighter Squadron was formed in Mansfield, with 158 charter members.From the original 164th Fighter Squadron with 30 officers and 115 airmen, the unit was re-designated in November of 1958 to the 164th Tactical Fighter Squadron. They were again called into active duty on October 1, 1961, during the Berlin Crisis. In August of 1962, the unit was released from active duty and was re-designated the 179th Tactical Fighter Group. The Fighter Squadron retained its original 164th designation.An impressive air show marked the dedication of a new administration building in September of 1967. The building was named in honor of Brigadier General Frank P. Lahm. Mansfield Municipal Airport was then named Mansfield Lahm Airport.The Unit closed out its Tactical Fighter Mission on January 5, 1976, after eight years and eight months of accident free flying. The unit was re-designated as a Tactical Airlift Group and equipped with eight C-130B aircraft.In 1990 and 1991, the 179th Tactical Airlift Group started another transition period. The last C-130B left the base on November 30, 1990 to make way for the new C-130H "Hercules" which arrived at Mansfield Lahm in April 1991.Effective in March 1992, the 179th Tactical Airlift Group was re-designated to the 179th Airlift Group, and then to the 179th Airlift Wing (AW) in October of 1995.The Unit has played a large role in the history of Mansfield Lahm Airport, and has received many awards. The 179th AW completed 31 years of accident free flying in 1998.If you would like to find out more about the Ohio Air National Guard or the 179th Airlift Wing, please follow the links below to their web site.

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