2020 Leaf Collection


 The City of Mansfield will be providing one (1) collection site for citizens to drop off their leaves:

The City Service Complex at 480 Park Avenue - 7 Days a week, 7:00am to 4:00pm


All residents are encouraged to use the collection sites or to compost their leaves. The City of Mansfield is announcing that we will start the curb side leaf program Monday, November 2nd.  We will have crews working daily Monday through Friday until we have completed the curb side collection.


The leaf collection route is divided in to four (4) areas. Within the four areas they will be divided into zones that we use for snow plowing. We will be starting in area one and then continuing to area two, three, and four.  We will be working with five (5) crews in the different areas and zones. The planned route is as follows:


Area 1 contains zones 2, 3, and 4.

1 – Crew starting at Madison Rd. and Park Ave East working west (Zone 2)
1 – Crew starting at Oak and Davidson working west (Zone 3)
1 – Crew starting at Diamond and Main working east (Zone 3)
1 – Crew starting at Diamond and Main St. working south (Zone 4)
1 – Crew starting at S. Main St and Stimens Dr. working north (Zone 4)



Area 2 contains zones 5 and 6.

1 – Crew will start at Main St. and Lexington Ave working south. (Zone 5).
1 – Crew will start Hanley Rd and Middle Bellville Rd. working north. (Zone 5).
1 – Crew will start at W. Cook Rd. and S. Main St. working south. (Zone 5).
1 – Crew starting W. Cook and Woodhill working south west (Zone 6)
1 – Crew starting in the southwest corner of Royal Oak and work north east (Zone 6)



Area 3 contains zones 7 and 8.

1 – Crew will start at Cline and Lexington Ave. and working south west (Zone 7).
1 – Crew will start at Woodland Rd. at W. Cook and working north east (Zone 7).
1 – Crew starting at Marion and Sherman Ave working west (Zone 8)
1 – Crew starting at S. Trimble and Park Ave West working east (Zone 8)
1 – Crew starting at Home Rd. and Park Ave West working east (Zone 8)



Area 4 contains zones 9, 10, and 1.

1 – Crew starting at Grace at Ashland Rd. working northwest (Zone 1)
1 – Crew starting at Trimble and Park Ave West working east (Zone 9)
1 – Crew starting at Home Rd. and Park Ave West working east (Zone 9)
1 – Crew starting at N. Main St. and Sixth St. working west (Zone 10)
1 – Crew starting at Walker Lake Rd. and Home Rd. working south and east
(Zone 10)




PLEASE do not rake leaves into the street, as this will causes flooding of the streets and other storm water problems.

Also, remember not to park in front of any leaf piles as this will hinder our ability to pick them up.

 The image below shows the zones that will be used; click here for an enlarged version.


What streets that have been completed so far? - Click here to read


*Documentation will be added as the streets and zones are completed*

For more information, see the following news releases here


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