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News Release - Start of the School Year

To: The News Media
From: City of Mansfield police Dept.
Subject: Start of the School Year
Date: 8/24/2010


The Mansfield Division of Police today announced its officers will be out enforcing traffic violations in and around school areas as the start of the new school year begins this week for many districts. Officers ask all motorists to drive with caution and be alert for students walking to and from school. “Kids have a tendency to be preoccupied during this time of year and not always pay attention to crosswalk area and traffic signals, “ said D.A.R.E. Officer Jack Shay. “We ask that motorist use caution when driving in areas in and around schools.”


The Division of Police also cautioned motorists to be aware of school buses now operating during the week and asks motorists to leave a little earlier for work or other appointments to help make up for any unexpected delays. “All too often, we have someone who wants to get around a school bus that is stopped to pick-up or drop off students because they are late for work or some other appointment,” stated officer Shay. “We ask that all motorists respect and obey the red flashing lights and signals of school buses during this time of year. It could mean the difference between preventing a tragedy and taking a life.”


Officer Shay also encourages parents, teachers, and citizens to report any suspicious activity that they may observe occurring in or around the schools. “Unfortunately, not everyone has the best interests of our children in mind. Please be alert of unusual people or suspicious vehicles during this time of year. Teach your kids to identify potential dangers and threats and act accordingly,” said Officer Shay.