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West Fourth Street Culvert Improvement

Contractor: Kelstin Inc.Project Inspection:  Richland Engineering Limited
Project Design:  Richland Engineering Limited
Project Administration:  City of Mansfield Engineering Department
Construction Cost:  $231,282
Funded by:  Grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission 90%; Local Sewer Funds 10%
This project is located on West Fourth Street between North Lake Park and Middle Park.  The existing structure is a brick arch with sandstone masonry spandrel walls.  This historic structure was built in 1897.  
The project includes dismantling and reinstalling the stone masonry walls using modern construction methods.  Cracked and missing stones will be replaced with stone to mimic the shape and look of the existing stones.  Anchored reinforcing strips (Geogrid) will be used in the new embankment to extend the useful life of this improvement.  The existing storm sewer will be replaced and reconfigured to outlet the street runoff downstream of the culvert rather than directly into the arch.  The sidewalk, curb ramps and pavement will also be replaced around the structure.
Construction began on August 20, 2011 and will continue through the end of October.  Two- way traffic will be maintained throughout the duration of the project.  Motorists are encouraged to use caution when traveling through this work zone for the safety of the workers.