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News Release - Water Shut Down (08/29/2011)

To: The News Media
From: City of Mansfield Water Repair Dept.
Subject: Water Shut Down
Date: 08/29/10

Due to the repair of a water main valve it will be necessary to shut down water service while work is in progress.

Woodhill Road from Hawthorn Lane to Overlook Road east side only.
Overlook Road from Woodhill Road to Dickson Parkway.
Dickson Parkway from Overlook Road to Bigelow Road.
Bigelow Road from Woodhill Road to Davis Road.
Forest Hill Road from Dickson Parkway to Davis Road.
Davis Road from Edgewood Road to Shepard Road.
Davis Road from Shepard Road to 329 Davis Road.
This will also include the east side of Lexington Avenue, Scholl Road and Sterkel Boulevard.

The water shut down will begin at 11:00pm August 30th, 2011.The water service is expected to be restored to the effected area by the beginning of the work day August 31th, 2011 barring any unforeseen problems. A boil advisory will be issued upon completion of the repairs.

Questions concerning this notice may be directed to the City of Mansfield Water Repair Dept. during normal business hours Monday thru Friday 7:00am to 3:30pm at 419-755-9806.

Thank you