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Reid Industrial Park, Phase 3

Contractor:  Terra Valley Excavating

Project Inspection:  K. E. McCartney & Associates

Design:  Shaffer, Johnston, Lichetenwalter & Associates

Project Administration:  City of Mansfield Engineering Department

Construction Costs:  $1,272,186

Funded by:  Grants from the Economic Development Agency, the Ohio Air National Guard and a low interest loan from the Ohio Department of Development

Reid Industrial Park, Phase 3 is the development of a new 102 industrial park, which will be divided into shovel ready sites located directly adjacent to the 179th Ohio Air National Guard base expansion.

This project includes the construction of 4,235 linear feet of roadway accompanied with sanitary sewer, water distribution, storm sewer and storm water management facility.  The two-lane roadway has a cross-sectional width of 29’ equipped with curb and gutter.  The water and sanitary utilities run parallel along the roadway and will extend to service the Ohio National Guard’s 60 acre military base expansion.  The storm sewer system will capture the parks’ water runoff and is built to convey the stormwater into two on-site water quality basins.  The storm system has been designed to accommodate the storm water management facility for future commercial development.

Construction began in late July and will continue through the end of September. 

Following the completion of the construction of the Reid Industrial Park, South Airport Road will become a gated facility to the Ohio Air National Guard.  Through traffic will use the new Industrial Park, connecting Crall Road to South Airport Road.

This project will provide multiple sites for companies to locate their businesses on property ready for development, which will in turn provide additional employment opportunities in the City of Mansfield.