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News Release - Mansfield Finance Director (12/9/2011)

To: The News Media
From: City of Mansfield
Subject: Mansfield Finance Director
Date: 12/09/2011


Due to the unexpected, but fortunate for the Finance Department, circumstances, Phil Messer will become part of the Finance Department team after the first of the year.


As events have unfolded Director Steward thought it would be very wise to take advantage of the opportunity to utilize Mr. Messer’s talents, expertise and infinite knowledge about decades of city operations.


As a part-time employee Mr. Messer will be a great asset to the Finance Department team and will be instrumental in the formation of written financial policy of which there is none. He will also be tracking inventory and assets and a myriad of other responsibilities. Also his extensive knowledge of grant development and administration will be extremely useful to the Finance Department as we continue to seek funds to replace revenue shortfalls.


The Court has agreed to assist in funding the work of Mr. Messer who will share his time between the court and finance department. In that capacity he will be helping the Court implement performance audit recommendations and grant development and reporting due to his successes in that particular area.


His passion and concern for the city is immeasurable. Even after being surprisingly terminated on Monday by the mayor he was gracious enough to return on Tuesday volunteering his time to the current Safety Supervisor for most of the afternoon. That is the mark of a true public servant.