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News Release Graffiti Artist Sentenced (09/16/2013)



To: The News Media
From: City of Mansfield
Subject:Graffiti Artist Sentenced


Mansfield, OH-- Mayor Theaker is pleased to announce that thanks to a judgment by Judge Frank Ardis, the graffiti artist responsible for vandalizing numerous buildings on the city’s south side of town over the last few weeks has been sentenced to 210 days in jail and a year and a half probation. He was also ordered to reimburse the City of Mansfield and private property owners for all costs associated with the graffiti removal.


Mayor Theaker said “I am extremely satisfied with the sentencing Judge Ardis handed down to this graffiti artist and am hopeful this judgment will let those who vandalize property know the city will not tolerate this behavior without strong consequences.”


Credit is also due to graffiti removal personnel who acted quickly to remove graffiti from defaced buildings.