3rd Ward

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Jon Van Harlingen

3rd Ward

Jon Van Harlingen is a native of Mansfield and graduated from Malabar High School in 1974. Married to Jill Van Harlingen and has lived in the 3rd ward for over 20 years.

April 2009, Van Harlingen retired from the City of Mansfield after 33+ years of service. His work experiences while employed with the City of Mansfield included Clearfork Reservoir, Community Development, Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Plants. Various certifications and licenses were required or obtained for the positions held.

Van Harlingen began his term as 3rd Ward councilman in December 2013 and currently serves on four of the 12 Standing Committees of Council.

Jon Van Harlingen can be reached by e-mail at citycouncil@ci.mansfield.oh.us