Future Improvements

🌿 Mansfield City Parks Improvement List: Important Considerations 🌿

This list references planned park improvement projects in Mansfield City Parks. Funding for Parks and Recreation is provided by the P.R.I.D.E. tax, which stands for Parks, Recreation, Illumination (Street lighting), Demolitions, and Emergency Services (Police /Fire) is a one-quarter percent municipal income tax voters approved in November 2013. Funds from the voter-approved tax are divided among those areas – 50% to Police/Fire, 22% to Parks & Recreation, 20% to Demolition, and 8% to Illumination. A comprehensive Master Plan for City Parks was developed in 2020, this plan is a factor in making future decisions. However, it’s essential to recognize that several factors can impact these projects. See below for an explanation and project lists.

  1. Funding and Approvals:
    • The availability of funds and the approval process significantly influence project timelines.
    • Some projects may experience delays due to budget constraints or administrative procedures.
  2. Permitting and Regulations:
    • Compliance with federal, state, and local regulations is crucial.
    • The permitting process can introduce unforeseen delays.
  3. Material Availability and Supply Chain Challenges:
    • The availability of construction materials affects project execution.
    • Supply chain disruptions may impact delivery times.
  4. Weather Conditions:
    • Weather plays a pivotal role in outdoor projects.
    • Unfavorable weather (e.g., extreme heat, and heavy rain) can affect construction schedules.
  5. Staffing Levels:
    • Adequate staffing is essential for efficient project implementation.
    • Staff shortages or other workforce-related issues may affect progress.
  6. Dynamic Project Updates:
    • This list is subject to change without notice.
    • Projects may be added or removed periodically to reflect their current status.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to enhance Mansfield’s City parks. Together, we’ll create safe, clean outdoor green spaces for our community! 🌳

Status Legend:

[Pending] = Waiting approvals, funding & plan designs [In Progress] = Funds & Designs approved, Scheduling and Materials ordered [Completed] = Project is inspected & finished per design.

Airport Memorial Park

Burton Park

  • Install Pet Waste station & signage [Completed]
  • Replace the roof on the pavilion [Completed]
  • Repaving roads & parking lot [Completed]
  • Repairs to benches & picnic tables [In Progress]
  • Community Mural Painting- Sunday, April 21, 2024 [Completed]
  • Planting of sunflowers in the field [Completed]
  • Renovation of pickleball courts [Pending]
  • Pressure cleaning building siding and concrete [Pending]

Central Park

  • Garden & mulching plantings [Completed]
  • Paint and repair fountain & planters [Completed]
  • Fire Department Memorial stone installed [Spring 2025]
  • Install Pet Waste station & signage [Completed]
  • Restoration & repairs to Vasbinder Fountain [Late 2025]
  • Protective decorative bollards [Completed]
  • Clean & paint as needed – benches [In Progress]
  • Replace drinking fountain [In Progress]
  • Repair or replace drummer head on music playscape [Pending]
  • Install gravel underneath the music playscape [Completed]
  • Installs protective bollards where street lights are missing [Completed]
  • Pressure wash and edge sidewalks [Completed]


  • Install Pet Waste station & signage [Completed]

Deer Park

  • Install Pet Waste station & signage [Completed]

Dickson Park

Fox Glen Park

  • Protective bollards to access roads [Completed]
  • Clean debris and overhanging trees [In Progress]

John Todd Park

  • Install Pet Waste station & signage [Completed]
  • Gravel around pavilion posts [Completed]
  • Arrange slide configuration away from street side [In progress]
  • Restroom painting and cleaning [In Progress]
  • Electric outlets and lighting at pavilion [Pending]
  • Playground Equipment Improvements [Pending 2025]
  • General groundskeeping and maintenance improvements [In Progress]
  • Community Citizen Group Adopt-a-Park agreements [Pending]

Johns Park

  • Install Pet Waste station & signage [Completed]

King Street

Liberty Park

  • Park Road Culvert Replacement [Pending]
  • Remove metal culvert pipe & install a new wooden ADA pedestrian bridge across the stream donated by Mansfield Baptist Church [Completed]
  • Replant stream edges with native plantings by ReWild Liberty [ In progress May 29th Start date]
  • Install a bench around the large maple tree by ReWild Liberty [Pending]
  • Remove hazardous and dead trees [ In Progress]
  • Replace plant new trees in spring as Arbor Day Activity [Pending]
  • Resurfacing park roadways [Pending]
  • ADA painting parking access lot [Completed]
  • Paint roadway bridge railing [Completed]
  • Renovation of Flagpole & Frank Fisch Memorial funded by local VFW Posts 3494 & 9943 [Completed]
  • Resurface and renovate the basketball court funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation [Completed]
  • Renovate the Baseball drainage, grading, & install benches at the field [In Progress]
  • Install Pet Waste station & signage [Completed]
  • Replace informational & traffic signage [In progress]
  • Install metal benches [In progress]
  • ADA Access sidewalk replacement [Completed]
  • ADA Restroom renovation w/ toilet & sink replacement, bottle filler fountain [Completed]
  • Metal picnic tables & remove or repair wooden picnic tables donated by Richland County Health [Completed]
  • DIY Skatepark improvements by Skate Ohio Group [In progress]
  • Baseball Field, parking lot & water improvements [Completed]
  • Gravel under playground impact zone [Completed]
  • Install new electrical outlets 50 amp and 110v 20 amp service for food truck court [Completed]
  • Bathhouse sandstone cleanup & historical restoration [In Progress]
  • Clean out bathhouse building and outdoor areas, trim grass along fence lines [In Progress]
  • Bathhouse concrete replacement & improvement [Completed]
  • Bathhouse design plans for open-air pavilion and public restrooms [Pending]
  • Repairs to benches & picnic tables [In progress]
  • Ohio Edison electrical pole removal /upgrade electric [Completed]
  • Install Security cameras and audio alerts [Pending]
  • Public Pool & Aqua Park Design Plans for Replacement & Improvements location to be determined [Pending]

Maple Lake Park

  • Install NEW Playground Equipment [Completed]
  • Install Pet Waste station & signage [Completed]
  • Outdoor pavilion painted [Completed]
  • New picnic tables at the pavilion [In Progress]

Middle Park

  • Install Large stone Riprap along stream erosion banks [Completed]
  • Remove old sewer pipes [Completed]
  • Remove hazardous footbridge [Completed]
  • Establish natural habitat areas in and around the stream & a low-development plan [Pending]
  • Install traffic control bollards at road access points [ Completed]
  • Develop plan for pedestrian & bike use trails on roadway [Pending]

North Lake Park

  • Paint inside & outside of the Pavilion [Completed]
  • Gutter and outdoor building repairs [In Progress]
  • Public outside restrooms’ repaired [In Progress]
  • Repair/Replace two aerator fountains in the lake [Completed]
  • Install a new instant water heater at the pavilion [Completed]
  • Road Bridge Replacement [In Progress ]
  • Restripe parking lots [Completed]
  • Restripe Basketball court [Completed]
  • Install Dog waste station & signage [Completed]
  • Install Bike racks [In progress]
  • Install Bike Fix-It Station near B&O Bike Trail bridge [Order pending]
  • Install new directional and traffic signage [In progress]
  • Repairs to benches & picnic tables [In progress]
  • Install Backflow water device & testing pit. [Completed]
  • Planters planted with flowers and weeded garden area [In progress]
  • Install Security cameras and audio alerts [Pending]

Optimist Park

Plans for projects working with Mansfield Noon Optimist Club

Prospect Park

  • Install NEW playground equipment [Completed]
  • Install Pet Waste station & signage [Completed]
  • New outdoor Pavilion [Pending]
  • Renovations to basketball court [Pending]

Redwood Park

Ritters Run Park

South Park

  • Install Pet Waste station & signage[Completed]
  • Clean & restore Sandstone arches [Completed]
  • Repave roadways [Completed]
  • Paint and repair outdoor pavilion [In Progress]
  • Paint & repair the railing at the office [Completed]
  • Install new directional & traffic signage [Pending]
  • Restore & repair Johnny Appleseed’s & Blockhouse’s historical markers [Pending]
  • Mulch Sandstone Arch and Street Islands [Completed]
  • Install Storybook Trail lower park area with signage in partnership with Mansfield/Richland County Public Library [In progress]
  • Install Security cameras and audio alerts [Pending]
  • Cleaning & Restoring Sandstone Monoliths [Completed]

Sterkel Park

  • “Park for All” Community Projects as part of the Master Plan
  • Build Pickleball courts [Completed]
  • Install Pet Waste station & signage [Completed]
  • Build new restrooms [Completed]
  • Build new outdoor pavilion [Completed]
  • Build a new outdoor fitness gym area [Completed]
  • Install new playground playscape [in Progress]
  • Road paving & parking areas [Pending]
  • Traffic and directional signage [Completed]
  • Security Gate renovated and new signage [Pending]
  • Removal of old playground [Pending]
  • Install Security cameras and audio alerts [Completed]