Law Director

John Spon

Law Director

Civil Division
Phone: (419) 755-9440 
Fax: (419) 755-9697

Criminal Division
Phone: (419) 755-9651
Fax: (419) 755-9491

The Director of Law is an elected position established by City Charter. The Law Director is the head of the Law Department which represents and advises the City in all civil, criminal and administrative law matters; prosecutes criminal cases in the Mansfield Municipal Court; and performs such other duties as may be required by the laws of Ohio, City Charter, ordinances, and at the direction of the Mayor and City Council.

The Civil Division prepares all contracts, leases and other instruments on behalf of the City and endorses on each his approval of the form and correctness thereof. It also gives oral or written opinions to elected city officials, department heads, supervisors, commissions, boards, safety forces, and the Mansfield Municipal Court concerning any matter before such official or board in his or its official capacity. Additionally, the Civil Division prepares all council legislation and handles, directly or with retained counsel, all civil lawsuits involving the City.

The Criminal Division prosecutes all misdemeanors criminal and traffic offenses, which occur within the City’s limits and the unincorporated areas encompassed by the Mansfield Municipal Court.

The Victims Services Program is administered through the Law Department and provides services to victims of misdemeanor violent crimes.

The Law Department also has an Investigator who provides investigative services and case preparation services for cases processed by the Criminal Division.

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