Sewer Repair

The City of Mansfield Sewer Repair Department is located within the City Service Complex located at 480 Park Ave East. Hours of operation are 7:00am-3:30pm Monday thru Friday.

The City of Mansfield Sewer Repair department oversees 400 miles of storm water runoff lines throughout the city. There are approximately 1,200 outfalls for storm water. An outfall is the discharge point of storm water that flows into a stream or body of water; alternatively it may be the outlet of a river drain where it discharges into the sea, a lake or the like. The City of Mansfield has 10 major waterways. There are over 7,200 catch basin within the city that’s sole purpose is for collection of rainwater  from our properties and streets and transporting it to local waterways through a system of underground piping, culverts and or drainage ditches.

The city has over 1,100 manholes located throughout the city. Manholes are used to carry out inspection, cleaning and removing obstruction in the sewer line. They allow joining of sewers or changing the direction of sewer or alignment of sewer or both.

A sewer tap is the physical connection point where the home’s sewer line connects to the main municipal sewer line. Mansfield has approximately 18, 620 sewer taps. It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the line from the house up to and including the connection onto the municipal sanitary main.

The sewer repair department’s primary job is maintaining and repairing storm lines. Repairing or replacing catch basins that have been damage or are deteriorating over time. Cleaning, clearing and maintaining main sewer lines.

We also clear and maintain waterways to run free of debris that hinder the flow of water. We have a camera truck and crew that uses a CCTV camera to inspect storm water and sanitary sewer lines.


480 Park Ave East
Mansfield Ohio, 44905

Sewer Repair Office Phone: 419-755-9809

Utility Collections, Meters & Billing Call: (419) 755-9785

Operations Supervisor, Steve Brown