PSCC (Mansfield City 9-1-1)

Our mission is to provide an open line of reliable and accurate communication between the Public and the Safety forces that protect and serve the community in order to provide a safer environment in which to live.

Telecommunicators are the first link to help. The department takes the calls and dispatches equipment and officers for police, fire and medical emergencies anywhere within the city limits of Mansfield. In the year 2015, Mansfield City 9-1-1 processed 135,371 calls for service.

Department employees consist of 13 full time Telecommunicators, a shift supervisor and a Communications Supervisor. There are 4 different positions in the Communications Center and each telecommunicator is trained in all positions. A typical shift would include a Police Dispatcher, a Fire Dispatcher and a Support Dispatcher. On some shifts, there is also a call-taker working.

Each telecommunicator is required to complete a one year probationary period; during which they receive daily, on the job training. This training is provided by the shift supervisor. The usual training period lasts for up to six months which allows each new telecommunicator the opportunity to train on all four positions and also “fine tune” areas that need improvement prior to the end of their probationary period.