Waste Water Treatment Plant

Program Objectives

  • Prevent industrial pollutant discharges from passing throughout municipal wastewater treatment plant untreated.
  • Protect treatment plant from the threat posed by untreated industrial wastewater
  • To improve the quality of effluent and sludge
  • Educate industrial users on the effects of toxic pollutant discharges

Currently, The City of Mansfield monitors nineteen industries in Mansfield and surrounding areas.


1902The first ‘contact filter type’ sewage treatment plant was constructed by the City.
1918An additional plant of the trickling filter type was built to treat the sewage from the low-level areas in Mansfield.
1936Both plants were replaced by one new plant.
1939A report was submitted to the City containing recommendations for the collection and treatment of sewage that was not implemented due to the defense period, shortage of manpower, materials, and the intervention of World War II.
1942The small South Boulevards sewage plant was built.
1945Due to equipment wearing out, an increase in population, and other factors, the City’s facilities for sewage treatment became inadequate.
1948The City acquired the South Boulevards plant.
1953Floyd G. Brown and Associates of Marion Ohio were retained as consulting engineers. A review of the 1939 report was done and recommendations for improvements begin.
1960The new four MGD waste treatment plant was completed.
1984Plant improvements to increase treatment flow began and were completed in 1987.

Design Data

Average Design Flow12 MGD
Peak Design Flow25 MGD
Average BOD Loading20,000 lbs/day
Average Suspended Solids
20,000 lbs/day
Average Ammonia Loading2,000 lbs/day
Equalization Basin4.9 million gallon capacity
Equalization Pumping4 Screw pumps each @ 8.33 MGD
3 Screw pumps each @ 12.5 MGD
Bar Screens2 Mechanical each @ 25 MGD
1 Manual @ 25 MGD
Grit Removal2 Aerated chambers with bucket elevators
Primary Clarifiers2 Each @ 80’ x 80’ x 10’ Approx. 90 – 150 min’s detention time
Aeration Tanks8 Each @ 222’ x 25’ x 15′
4.98 MGD total capacity
10 Hours average detention time
Aeration Blowers4 Gas engine-driven each @ 6,500 cfm
2 Electric motor-driven each @ 5,000 cfm
Final Clarifiers4 Each @ 100 ft. sq., 11 ft. deep
2.46 MG total capacity
Chlorination / Dechlorination2 Chlorine contact tanks
Total volume of 0.26 MG
2 Chlorine gas feeder rated
@ 500 lbs/day
1 Chlorine gas feeder rated
@ 2,000 lbs/day
2 Sulfer Dioxide gas feeders
rated each @ 250 lbs/day
Effluent Pumping Station4 Vertical turbine pumps each @ 8.0 MGD
Sludge Thickeners2 Each @ 50’ diameter – 26,500 lbs./day of solids
Anaerobic Digestors2 Primary each @ 148,000 cu. ft.
2 Secondary each @ 138,000 cu. ft.
Dewatering Centrifuge2 each @ 2,060 lbs/hr


Wastewater Treatment Plant

Telephone: 419-589-2830
Fax: 419-589-7984
Email: rcoker@ci.mansfield.oh.us