Clerk of Court

Prior to becoming the Elected Clerk of Mansfield Municipal Court Dan Smith was employed by the Richland County Treasurer’s Office for 32 plus years. Dan was the Elected Treasurer for 22 of those years. In that time, he was Chairman of four County Boards. Clerk Smith was elected in 2005 after 37 years of public service he remains dedicated to working hard for the citizens of Richland County.

Since his election, Dan has streamlined the Clerk of Court’s office by reducing the costs of operation. This has been done through the use of technology, attrition, and cross-training. He implemented a case management system enhanced with an imaging application. This allows anyone within the Court System to access a case document on their own computer, saving time and improving efficiency within the Court.

The Clerk of Court services all of Richland County except for the City of Shelby and six northwest townships. This includes the jurisdictions of the Mansfield City Police Department, Ohio State Patrol, Richland County Sheriff, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, among others. The Clerk of Court also processes charges for the City of Ontario, Villages of Lexington, Bellville, Butler, and Lucas along with 13 Townships.

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