Engineering Department

The Engineering Department oversees the development and maintenance of the city’s infrastructure. The infrastructure includes the Mansfield Lahm Airport, street resurfacing, water distribution lines, sanitary and storm sewer collection systems, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and traffic signalization. The department manages approximately $10 to 13 million of capital improvements within the city each year. 

The Department staff is comprised of the City Engineer, two project planners, one program coordinator, and an administrative assistant. Together the staff addresses inquiries from the administration, city council, and citizens.

Department Duties

  • Plan major infrastructure improvements and rehabilitation projects.
  • Develop preliminary and final design plans for infrastructure projects.
  • Develop specifications and prepare projects for competitive bidding.
  • Inspect and oversee construction of infrastructure and subdivision improvements.
  • Administer quarter percent income tax street resurfacing program.
  • Oversee operations of water treatment and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Prepare specifications and contracts for purchase of materials and consulting services.
  • Prepare five year capital improvements plan.
  • Prepare applications for State Issue One grant monies.
  • Maintain city sewer and water index maps, zoning maps, ward/precinct maps, city base map and City geographic Information system. (GIS)
  • Review annexation plans and subdivision plans.
  • Review plans for commercial site developments.
  • Perform and oversee traffic studies
  • Perform annual inspections of city-owned bridges
  • Perform sanitary sewer and drainage investigations
  • Coordination of infrastructure improvements with the Economic Development Department.
  • Coordination with Ohio Department of Transportation, Ohio. Environmental Protection Agency, United States Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Respond to city council and citizen inquiries.
  • Other duties may be required.

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Contact Engineering:
30 North Diamond Street
Mansfield, Ohio 44902
Telephone: 419-755-9702
Fax: 419-755-9468