Fire Department

About Us

The Mansfield Fire Department is a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week operation. We are staffed with 92 full time Firefighters, and Paramedics. Our responding staff is divided into three shifts, each working a 24 hour day.  We serve a community of 46,000 plus citizens, within a 30 square mile area.

Fire Station 1, 2, and 3 house a Fire Engine and Rescue Squad, each staffed with two members. Fire Station 4 houses an Aerial Ladder Truck, and when staffing allows, a Rescue Squad.

Station 6 houses a 3 member Fire Engine. Our fire engines are equipped with a hydraulic spreader and cutting tools for vehicle extrication. They are equipped with defibrillators, and advanced life support supplies.  This is why one often sees them responding with or prior to the arrival of a rescue squad. 

 Our Chief and Assistant Chiefs drive SUV’s, which are located at Station 1. Our reserve vehicles consist of an additional Aerial Ladder Truck, 2 Fire Engines, and a Rescue Squad. They can be placed in service and manned for escalated incidents, as well as replace a vehicle requiring repair. Our Air Truck is a fire incident support vehicle which is used to replenish air bottles at the scene of prolonged incidents.

Our Hazardous Materials Unit is a fully equipped forward operating, incident command mobile unit. In 2016 our end of year incident response total reached 10,562. The bulk of our responses were EMS related at 8,647, an average of 23 calls per day. Fire related responses were 1,915, an average of 5 per day. This gives us an average of 28 calls per day.

We answer all Fire and EMS related 911 calls through the City’s Communications Center/Dispatch Department. This system is an emergency line dedicated to the fastest response possible. We assume all 911 calls are emergencies, and respond accordingly.

Daily Administrative Operations

Our Administrative staff hours are from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm. This includes the Fire Prevention/Arson Investigation Bureau, and Vehicle Maintenance Department. The staff works at Fire Station 1. If you would like a copy of an EMS, or Fire report call 419-755-9814. (EMS reports can only be released to patients or the parent/guardian of a minor).

Station 1:             140 E. Third Street 419-755-9814 (Administrative Offices)

Station 2:            35 N. Brookwood Way 419- 755-9812

Station 3:            705 Sunset Boulevard 419-755-9813

Station 4:            1020 S. Main Street 419-755-9810

Station 6:            677 Springmill Street 419-755-9811

Fire Prevention Bureau Fees