Community Development

Community Development Mission Statement

The Community Development Office develops and administers programs, activities, and policies that assist in the creation of economically viable and sustainable neighborhoods. We believe in using holistic approaches toward neighborhood revitalization, housing assistance, and community development projects. These projects build or expand infrastructures; upgrade public facilities; upgrade the existing housing stock; expand homeownership opportunities and affordable rental housing; and promote economic development

Department Philosophy

To improve the quality of life of Mansfield residents through a unified commitment by providing customer driven programs and services that focus on the needs of our community. The Housing and Community Development is dedicated to providing a level of services excellence and respect for our stakeholders. The Department will embrace its leadership role and represent the City with price and integrity.

Downtown Development Incentive Program

The Downtown Development Incentive Program is a partnership with the Richland County Foundation and the City of Mansfield’s Community Development Department to provide grant funding to property owners located in downtown Mansfield to assist in development or redevelopment of housing units that exist in mixed-use buildings. Please read program requirements carefully! A link to the application and attachment documents can be found HERE

Fair Housing