Water Repair

The City of Mansfield Water Repair Department is located within the City Service Complex located at 480 Park Avenue East. Hours of operation are 7:00am – 3:30pm Monday thru Friday. 

The City of Mansfield Water Repair Department repairs and maintains over 300 miles of underground water mains that distributes our city’s water supply.

There are over 3,400 water main valves which enables us to shut down and repair water mains in particular areas thus avoiding total loss of water service to the city.

The City of Mansfield has 2290 water hydrants. Their primary function is for the supply of water for fire protection. The fire hydrants ease of operation and high flow capabilities make it a natural for use in flushing distribution system main water lines.

We have over 24,000 water service taps which supplies water to residential homes and businesses throughout the city.

The water repair department’s primary job duties include locating and repairing water main lines ranging in size from 1” to 30”.  Repairing and maintaining water main valves.  The repair of water hydrants damage by collision or malfunctioning of valves.   The installation of water service taps for homes and businesses.

To protect our water lines remember to always dig safely.

 By law, everyone MUST contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service, 8-1-1 or 1-800-362-2764, at least 48 hours but no more than 10 working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before beginning ANY digging project.

For boil advisories and street closing issued through this department click on the News Release link.


480 Park Ave East
Mansfield Ohio, 44905

Phone: 419-755-9806

Operations Supervisor, Steve Brown