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Judge Jerry Ault

Judge Frank Ardis Jr.

Mansfield Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all of Richland County, with the exception of Shelby, Shiloh, Plymouth (Richland County) and six Northern Townships. The Court handles traffic, misdemeanor criminal and civil cases. Judge Jerry Ault is currently the Presiding and Administrative Judge and was sworn into office on January 1, 2000. Judge Frank Ardis, Jr. was appointed to the bench by Governor Strickland on January 25, 2010. The Administrative and Presiding Judgeships alternate yearly.

On March 1, 2010, Attorney Phillip Naumoff was appointed as the Court Magistrate by Judges Ault and Ardis. The Magistrate handles traffic, civil cases, evictions and small claims cases. The Magistrate also conducts criminal and traffic arraignments.

Judge Ardis has brought innovative ideas to the Court, such as mediation utilized by him and Judge Ault. Judges Ault and Ardis conduct Specialized Dockets in drug and alcohol cases, domestic violence cases, mental health cases and veterans cases. Judge Ault initiated the mental health docket, domestic violence docket and the veterans Court.

The Judges and Magistrate work closely together in an effort to ensure fair and even handed justice. Judge Ardis and Judge Ault, as well as Magistrate Naumoff, encourage the public to come view Court sessions.

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