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Clearfork Reservoir

Clear Fork Reservoir is located seven miles southwest of Mansfield near State Route 97. The reservoir was designed to be the major source of water for the City of Mansfield and was completed in 1949. Situated in the upper Clear Fork Valley, the lake contains 997 surface acres of water and 14 miles of shoreline. Thirty-five square miles of farmland act as a collector of rain water to keep the supply of water in the reservoir as constant as possible.



The elevation of the spillway is 1202 feet above sea level. 90% of the lake is more than 10 feet deep and 40 foot depths are not uncommon. The capacity of the reservoir is 4.4 billion gallons at the 1202 elevation level.


The lake together with 1,000 acres of surrounding land is available for picnicking, boating, fishing, camping, hiking, hunting and other forms of recreation are available. Clear Fork Reservoir is accessible not only to the residents of Mansfield, but also to individuals who seek relaxation at this beautiful site.


Three picnic areas, located along State Route 97 are open to the public without charge and picnic tables, charcoal burners, drinking fountains, restrooms and shelters are available for use. In 1986, a handicapped picnic area and fishing pier were constructed in Picnic Area #2 to ensure that the physically-challenged can take advantage of this beautiful and relaxing site.


Boating is permitted on the lake with no horsepower limit. However, a maximum speed limit of 8 miles per hour is strictly enforced. Boat rental is available at the marina. Fishing from boats is permitted on the lake, except in the area within 500 feet of the dam. Shore fishing is permitted on the south and west shores only.


Ample dock spaces can be leased on a seasonal basis.


Hunting is permitted with shotgun and longbow on the north and west shores only. No hunting is permitted in or near the picnic areas.


To provide greater convenience to the public, the City of Mansfield has leased a portion of the south shoreline to two concessionaires. These organizations sell and rent equipment for boating and fishing at the marina. The City also operates a family "A" campground near the marina.


Sailboat enthusiasts have been invited to participate in this type of activity near the intersection of Gass Road and State Route 97. Members of the Mansfield Sailing Club have provided a picnic area, docks, shelter, drinking fountain and restrooms. All of these facilities are available to the general public, except the docks and their moorings.

Four full-time patrolmen are on duty to assist visitors at the Clear Fork Reservoir Recreation Area.


Clear Fork Reservoir
Rt. #8, 2678 Gass Road
Mansfield, Ohio 44904
Phone: 419-884-1408
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Mansfield City Parks

To inquire about reserving a park pavilion, please call 419.755.9820 Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


The Mansfield City parks are the center of many recreational events throughout the city, many of which are sponsored by the City's Recreation Department. A source of both civic pride and historic significance, these parks offer a relaxing environment, and an escape from "city life."


With 33 parks of varying size throughout the city, no one is without access to our beautiful forestation. All of our parks require daily maintenance, which is actually the primary function of the Parks Department.


Park workers are responsible to keep the parks in top form. They do fencing, landscaping, and concrete work. They work with various garden clubs, and also operate a small tree nursery as part of the City's Tree Replacement program. The Park's Personnel also accept donations of plants and flowers for planters and flower beds.


The City's parks have been acquired in various ways throughout the years. Some were donated by individuals and businesses. Others were developed from land purchased by the city. Groups have also developed and donated parks to the city.


Starting at 8:00 a.m., Park Police begin to monitor the area and continue until park closing. However, roads going through the parks are generally left open. We are proud of our safe, beautiful parks, and we hope you take the time to enjoy them!


Legal Notice

Park Survery

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Adopt a Park - Volunteer Agreement Release & Wavier

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Friends of the Park Work Days 2015


April 11th at 9AM: Clean up Maple Lake Park and Spread Compost

April 18th at 9AM: Clean up South Park and Spread Compost and Bed Prep.

April 25th at 9AM: Clean up North Lake Park and Spread Compost and Bed Prep.

May 2nd at 9AM: Clean up in Middle Park

May 9th at 9AM: Bed Preps in South, North, and Central Parks

May 16th at 9AM: Bed Planting in South, North, and Central Parks


There are City owned swimming pools for the public to enjoy during the summer. For more information on admission fees, dates, and hours, call the parks office 419-755-9820.

Liberty Pool -   491 Grace Street  (large swimming pool)

Linden Pool -   836 Donald Ct.  (swimming pool and wading pool) 


Contact Parks Office by calling 419-522-9801