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David Falquette

At Large

I grew up in Fremont, Ohio, and arrived in Mansfield in 1983 to work at Hartman Electrical. My wife and I married over 30 years ago and have lived in the first ward since 2001.

In 2007, I started a Neighborhood Watch group after several area break-ins. Over 80 people showed up and the break-ins stopped. Today the meeting still draws 30 to 40 people and newsletters are emailed to over 200. During my time running the watch group, I met Councilman Mike Hill, many police officers, two Police Chiefs, two city law directors, safety service directors, engineers with codes and permits, and city engineers.

I found residents wanted someone to talk to and help them navigate city government with their issues and concerns. I found myself filling this role.

I have always reached out to my neighbors to help and often that help would involve getting information and assisting in solving problems including many public service concerns i.e. speeding in the neighborhoods, drug dealers, break-ins, stolen cars, arson, self-defense, gun laws, how and when to report a crime, hardening your home and much more. When people had questions I tracked down answers. Running for office and now representing the first ward is a logical extension and next step of service to my neighbors.

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