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Deborah Mount

6th Ward

My name is Deborah Mount. I have lived in Mansfield since I was a baby.

 I have been active in civics, politics, and volunteerism for nearly two decades.

 I have been a neighborhood watch leader since 2004. I am very familiar with problem-solving and collaborating with City Departments and other agencies.

 As a volunteer firefighter/EMT, I am accustomed to assisting in times of crisis. Additionally, I own two thriving small businesses. Thus, I am used to overcoming challenges and serving customers.

 For years, I have watched many young people grow up and leave the City to join other communities more welcoming of entrepreneurs and those launching careers. I’ve seen families and folks nearing retirement choose to move to places they feel safer. I would like to see Mansfield become a place that welcomes and nurtures citizens who wish to live, work, and worship here.

 I desire to advocate for solutions to problems facing the neighborhoods within the 6th Ward, to be a voice of accountability in the expenditure of public funds, and to work to make Mansfield a place people wish to bring their families, careers, and businesses.

 Let’s work together to make Mansfield a better and more thriving City!

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