Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Economic Development?
    • The City of Mansfield’s Economic Development Program is intended to facilitate the growth of business within the City in order to create new job opportunities for our residents. The Department facilitates that growth through a variety of methods including financial assistance and site selection services. Job creation is accomplished with the assistance of economic development organizations working in cooperation with private industry and through partnerships with local, state, and federal government programs.
  • Does the City offer financial assistance/incentives for business development and/or expansion?
    • The City of Mansfield offers qualifying businesses and industries a series of creative financial incentive programs to promote job growth and development. These federal, state and local incentives include low-interest rate loans, tax incentives, and job training assistance.
  • Are there any free grants available to start-up businesses?
    • The City does not offer any free grants.
  • What programs are available for small businesses?
    • Assistance for small businesses is available through the Small Business Development Center, local Service Corp. of Retired Executives (SCORE), and Braintree (f.k.a. The Mansfield/Richland Incubator).
  • At what point in my project should I contact Economic Development for assistance?
    • As soon as possible in the early planning stages of your project. 
  • Does the City have information on sites and/or buildings available for sale or lease?
    • The City of Mansfield Economic Development Department maintains a list of available sites and buildings and partners with the Richland Area Chamber & Economic Development (RCDG) to update the data on a regular basis.
  • How do you find out who owns a particular building and/or lot?
    • To determine who owns a specific property and for detailed property information, contact the Richland County Auditor at: or one of the area’s local realtors.
  • Does the City have a Foreign Trade Zone and what are the benefits of being located in a Foreign Trade Zone?
    • Yes, Richland County is part of FTZ 181. Companies that export or import products can save money on tariffs and compete more effectively in the global marketplace. Foreign and domestic merchandise may enter the zone without a formal customs entry or the payment of customs duties and be exempt from federal and state use/excise and personal property taxes.
      There are two types of zones – general purpose and sub-zone. A general-purpose zone includes multiple activities by multiple users, like an industrial park. A sub-zone is one user plant or facility.

For more information

Tim Bowersock, Economic Development Director
Phone: 419-755-9794