Mansfield Overview

  • Recently the City of Mansfield, which is part of Richland County, was recognized as one of “America’s Most Logistics-Friendly Cities”. That is not surprising knowing that our location provides companies with the most optimal timing in terms of proximity to the marketplace.
  • Mansfield Lahm Airport, four I-71 interchanges, eight major highways, and two rail carriers all play a part in Mansfield’s unique transportation infrastructure. In addition, Mansfield/Richland County is within 500 miles of 42 major cities – creating a logistical stronghold within the United States.
  • Approximately 26% of the area’s jobs are in the automotive and automotive suppliers industry. The Mansfield/Richland County area has some 277 manufacturing businesses and 45 over-the-road carriers. Rail brings in (and hauls out) paper, steel, resins, wood, and agriculture.
  • Diverse industries including telecommunications, medical research and treatment centers, warehousing/distribution, and manufacturing, call Mansfield home. Our stamp appears on everything from General Motors vehicles to aeronautical electronics.
  • The Mansfield/Richland County area is a deeply-rooted community of laborers and professionals with high work ethics and business-friendly attitudes. Aside from that and, of course, the outstanding location, the area offers an extremely affordable cost of doing business. Houses are affordable and the quality of life is excellent.