Mayor Initiatives

Mission Statement:

“Make Mansfield, Ohio a better place to live and work now and for future generations.”

Vision Statement:

We will accomplish this mission by using sound financial management to give our residents and our business community the highest value of municipal services possible. We will provide quality services that allow citizens to feel safe at home and work – services that improve their quality of life.

“No excuses” will be our motto.

We will focus on solutions that strengthen the local economy. The government doesn’t create jobs; our administration will concentrate on helping the people in the private sector who, in reality, create the jobs. When we can be of assistance, we will be there. Where there are government roadblocks hindering job growth, we will be there to help eliminate obstacles.

  • Every member of the Perry administration will pledge to maintain a business-friendly relationship with our existing businesses – the employers who are on the front line providing jobs for our citizens;
  • We will join forces with groups in Mansfield and the surrounding communities that are working to attract and retain new jobs; and
  • We will encourage site development so that new employers won’t hesitate to look at Mansfield for their future.

Our administration will build strong relationships with surrounding communities and county government – relationships that will enable us to solve our mutual challenges.

Our community will continue to build upon its historic links to higher education, while we advocate for lifelong learning in order to sustain a skilled workforce.

Under the Perry administration, the citizens of Mansfield will experience a restored sense of trust and confidence in the leadership of the City due in part to better communication solutions. As Mayor, it will be absolutely necessary for me and my senior staff to also restore trust with the employees of the City of Mansfield.

We will always seek opportunities that encourage present and future generations to choose Mansfield as the place we are all proud to call our home.