Repair Garage

The City’s Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Department maintains and completes all repairs to city-owned vehicles. In 2000, the Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Department started a new computerized Fleet Maintenance Program that enables tracking of all costs of parts and labor required to maintain any city-owned equipment.

Over 3,000 job orders were processed in 2000, an increase of over 700 orders than in 1999. The Body Shop processed nearly 70 orders; up from 15 in 1999. The Body Shop also processed 12 job orders that required 50 hours of labor. This is an example of the extensive work this department performs besides the normal dents and dings.

This City’s fleet of equipment has increased by demand. In the last few years, the City acquired 28 new pieces of equipment ranging from automobiles, trucks of all sizes and trailers. This equipment ensures that City employees have safe vehicles to operate in completing city projects.

Junk equipment pieces are sold to recyclers after all usable parts are salvages. Over the last few years, more than 40 junk pieces have been sold.

The Department helps to extend the life of city equipment and now handles all the vehicle and maintenance for the Mansfield Lahm Airport.


Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
City of Mansfield
30 North Diamond Street
Mansfield, OH 44902

Phone: 419-755-9801