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Boil Advisory – North Millsboro

Date: 10/15/22                                              Contact: Steve Brown / Mansfield Water Repair Dept.

Subject: Boil advisory issued

Due to a water main depressurization it will be necessary to issue a boil advisory for the Northern area of the City of Mansfield. This area consists of the following boundaries:

North of Millsboro Road from South Home Road to Marion Avenue

North of Cline Avenue from Marion Avenue to Lexington Avenue

East of South Home Road from Park Avenue West to Millsboro Road

East of North Home Road from Park Avenue West to City limits

North of Ashland Road from Park Avenue East to Stewart Road (this includes both sides of Ashland Road)

 North Main Street from Park Avenue East to Baird Parkway (this includes both sides of North   Main Street)

South Main Street from Park Avenue East to Lexington Avenue (this includes both sides of South Main Street).

South Diamond Street from Park Avenue to Woodville Road includes areas to the north.

Luther Street, Reform Street, Beethoven Street and Rembrant Street.

Under a boil advisory it is suggested that all consumed water be brought to a rolling boil for a full 3 minutes prior to consumption. This is a precautionary measure to be taken until samples can be tested to confirm water purity. A notice will be issued at the completion of the test.

Any questions concerning this notice may be directed to the Water Repair Dept. during normal business hours Monday thru Friday 7:00am to 3:30pm at 419-755-9806.

 Thank you,

 City of Mansfield Water Repair

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