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Boil Advisory – Third Street – Bowman Street

Date: 9/18/23 Contact: Don Crose / Mansfield Water Repair
Subject: Boil advisory issued
Due to a water main repairs it will be necessary to issue a boil advisory for the follow areas:
West Third Street from Bowman Street to Sycamore Street.
North Benton Street from West Third Street to Park Avenue West.
Bowman Street from West Third Street to West Fourth Street.
West Dickson Avenue from Bowman Street to North Benton Street.
Under a boil advisory it is suggested that all consumed water be brought to a rolling boil for a full
3 minutes prior to consumption. This is a precautionary measure to be taken until samples can be
tested to confirm water purity. A notice will be issued at the completion of the test.
As a standard practice the USEPA recommends the following actions to reduce possible lead
exposure in drinking water:
• If water has not been used for several hours, run the tap until there is a noticeable temperature
drop. Then, run water for 30 seconds to 3 minutes before using it for drinking and cooking.
This helps flush water that may have contained lead that may have leached from plumbing. Use
cold water for cooking, drinking, and preparing baby formula. Boiling the water will not
reduce lead.• Clean your faucet aerator regularly.
For additional information visit or
Any questions concerning this notice may be directed to the Water Repair Dept. during normal
business hours Monday thru Friday 7:00am to 3:30pm at 419-755-9806.